Replace Your Bathroom Plumbing Fixtures

Replace Your Bathroom Plumbing Fixtures

Get toilet installation services in Waxhaw or Marvin, NC

Does your toilet need an upgrade? Choose Doug's Plumbing for toilet installation services in the Marvin and Waxhaw, NC area. We can install everything from one-piece, single-flush toilets to wall-hanging, dual-flush toilets. Our team can help you choose the right toilet for your bathroom.

Replacing your toilet can help reduce your water bills and your comfort. Reach out to us today to schedule your toilet installation.

Upgrade your kitchen and bathroom faucets!

Doug's Plumbing takes on faucet installation projects in the Waxhaw and Marvin, NC area. Whether you need a new kitchen, bathroom or mudroom faucet installed, we can make it happen. With a new faucet, cooking and cleaning will be much easier.

Our team installs all types of faucets, made by all types of manufacturers. Contact us immediately to arrange for faucet installation services.