Protecting Those That Protect You

Protecting Those That Protect You

We proudly provide plumbing services to people in need

Doug's Plumbing is a company founded on a commitment to helping others. We understand how important plumbing is to everyone's daily routine. Our company was started by a husband and wife team to help make sure no Waxhaw, NC family would have to do without reliable plumbing.

We also care about local law enforcement. Mrs. McVey was on the Waxhaw County Police Department Board and helped raise money for ICU psychosis research before starting the plumbing business. With the help of her father, Mr. and Mrs. McVey started The Franklin Foundation. This organization's mission is to protect the people that protect us by assisting them with plumbing services. We work hard to make sure our law enforcement personnel have reliable plumbing to get them through the day.

We take care of our customers

At Doug's Plumbing, we know what it's like to be in need. Our business was started over 30 years ago with just $3,000 and a pickup truck. We care about every single customer and family, and will always put the quality of our work above profit. We're proud to help low income families and all people in need, so nobody has to live without reliable plumbing. We appreciate every customer and send handwritten thank-you cards after each job.

Our dedication to quality service has made us a neighborhood favorite for three years in a row. Next time you need plumbing work done, call Doug's Plumbing and see the difference a plumber who cares can make.